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What is yoga to me?

Well here I am writing my very first ever blog. I find as yogi's we are all very unique in how we see our own private practice. I found my self invested in a community where there was no judgment, no one cared where you came from, no one cared how shitty of a past you had. You were here, you were present. To me in that moment and in all moments that is all I need. As I evolve in my own practice and as a teacher I try to put forward that same thinking and believing. I want to share the gift of yoga to all who are open. I want to create space where you can flow with your eyes open or your eyes closed and be.. be present in your own mind, body, and soul. Flow with intention and just be. Life is busy and can often our own wellbeing can be put on the back burner trust me I have been there. I was faced with burn out, depression, and anxiety. Self care and devoting an hour a day to myself has helped me get over whatever battle I was fighting. For me self care is just an hour, could be a yoga practice, walk, manicure, talking to a friend on the phone, heck even a mindless Netflix series that makes me laugh. I set this intention when my yoga journey began and I have stuck with it. I hope to stay connected with you all. ~Namatse~ S

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