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For me meditation has been a learning process. It has taken me years to learn how to navigate my own meditation practice. I first started with guided meditations. I still use them today I love a good guided mediation or yoga nidra, it feeds my soul. 

I admit I often fall off the mediation wagon, and I feel that it effects my sleep and my day to day living. I find myself not sleeping well waking up with not a clear mind, and my days I’m in more of a fog. When I mediate I feel like I’ve “reset” myself. Kind of like I have hit a reset button and I have refreshed my mind. I don’t know how else I can explain it. 

I have gone deep into mediation where I have seen colours, shapes, objects and visions. This is another process of mediation I am learning about this is all new to me. I intrigue by it all and indulging myself into it more and more now that I feel life has slowed down enough to purely enjoy my being and my self care. 

I believe that good things can come from meditation if you can dedicate just a few minutes to yourself. A few benefits of mediation are:

I hope you join me for the 28 day challenge in February and mediate with me for 28 days and see the way your life will change 🖤✨


Namaste 🙏🏼 

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