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Benefits of walking

Now that spring is around the corner get outdoors and go for a walk. Just going for a walk can have so many health benefits mentally and physically. Walking improves our mood, memory, depression, anxiety, helps maintain a healthy body weight, reduces the risk of heart disease, and stroke. 

Weather permitting I try to walk every evening with my dog Molly. In the summer we turn our walks into walk/jogs. My mood always seems to improves during those seasons when I can get outside walking in nature. During the winter months I am on the treadmill or walking around work up and down the stairs, but I find it’s just not the same. But in Alberta with the climate we have we adapt and do what we need to do. I also hit up classes at the gym or the rec board to get in that extra activity in just to get those endorphins released and flowing. 

My goal is to give hope tips to inspire others to get active, maintain a healthy lifestyle and build a active community. I feel like it shouldn’t have to come at a cost to us either I remember being that single mom not having the funds to access classes or the gym. Let’s think outside of the box on how we can be healthy. 

I try my best to make yoga assessable to everyone in the community, I want everyone to even give it a try see if it’s for them. 

Let’s start this month off right and do to some self care and take care of who needs it the most. YOU! 

Namaste 🙏🏼 


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